My name is Casey Ringo and I am a lifelong crafter. This blog will showcase some of the things I’m working on (or actually completed). I didn’t do any kind of crafty things for a long time, and I think that’s bad for me. So back in August, I attempted to do something creative (preferably not on the computer) every day. Ummm…that didn’t really work out, but I got some things done that were running around in my head like crazed monkeys, driving me crazy. I’m going to try to keep it going. Hopefully, this blog will hep me continue.

So…what’s up with the CKC? Well, when I was a little girl, my mom always had me make presents for my family. I signed each piece with CKC (my initials…obviously). Even though I’ve been married for 14 years, I still initial everything CKC. It’s just who I am.


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Star Card

We had another birthday and with it, another gift card to be properly presented. This time I didn’t totally laze out and did a tiny bit of inking on the white star…not much, because I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to play around too much. I just needed the star to show up against the inside of the white card.

Star Card outsideStar Card insideStar Card inside with gift cardI really think it turned out cute.

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