Baby Washcloth Lollipop Bouquet

My favorite gym instructor is going on maternity leave and I just had to give her something since she’s the reason I actually go to the gym. I just wanted to give her something small as a token of my appreciation so that, hopefully, the love all of her loyal followers show her now will mean she’ll want to come back after her baby is born.)

So I started keeping a lookout for cute baby gifts on Pinterest (because there’s no reason to go out and search for it, when I know it will come to me.) And there it was…these cute little lollipops made from baby washcloths and baby spoons.

You should totally go here to get the original tutorial.

OK, so I bought a pack of 6 washcloths (to make 3 lollipops), a pack of baby spoons (the kind I liked with the long handles came in a set of 6). Then, what to put it in…what about a cute little bucket from the dollar section at Target? And how about a couple of little bath poufs because I need some filler and they are 2 for $1 and some cellophane bags to wrap the lollipops in…

So here are my lollipops:

But they wouldn’t stand up in my little bucket nicely, so I made some pouffy flowers with the bath poufs taped to the three extra spoons and I shoved one stemless pouf into the bottom of the bucket. The whole bouquet ended up being more pouffy than lollipoppy, but I think it looks cute.

I added a little matching ribbon to the bucket…

and made a cute tag to top it off…

Best of all, she loved it!

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