Bird Bath #2

No. This isn’t the same birdbath. The second grade teacher loved this Gala project so much, she tried to outbid everyone else. She lost. She wanted to have me make another one just for her and was willing to pay her highest bid price. But there was no way I was going to accept more money for it than the cost of the supplies (about $50).

Instead of having her pay of any of it, we asked parents if they’d like to contribute so it could be a present from the whole class. She was so touched when I delivered it to her classroom. She was still expecting to pay for it. She had no idea that the class had paid for it.

This one is actually better than the first one. The insides are engineered better and the kids’ fingerprints turned out better. And this one didn’t end up with a hairline crack…

Click on the pictures for closeups.

4 thoughts on “Bird Bath #2

  1. I love this project! I want to do it with my class for our school auction as well. Could you please tell me the type of paints you used and if you sealed it. How did you stick the pots and the top together? Any information you can give me I would very much appreciate.

    Thank you,

    Rebecca West

    • I used Weld-Bond to seal the pots (layers and layers of watered-down Weld-Bond), painted the whole thing white with an outdoor latex primer (which left it a little sticky), so I painted over that with a couple of coats of Gesso. The color was all done with normal ol’ craft paints, followed by many coats of outdoor varnish. I used Weld-Bond to glue on the mosaic tiles (but if I did it again, I’d use tile mortar for more durability). The three pots are held together by a long threaded rod with metal fender washers and rubber washers (for cushion) and nuts. The whole thing breaks down for transport or storage.The saucer simply sits on the top pot. I put some little rubber bumpers on the bottom of the saucer that fit just inside of the top pot for extra stability. I’ve also done a matching gazing ball and stand. Eventually, I’ll get pictures of that up here too.

  2. Hey! I just have to say that this project is adorable. I was wanting to do it for our auction project as well and was wondering a couple things. Did you just use permanent marker for the finished designs? Also, what do you think about using an outdoor spray paint to paint the pots? Thank you so much for your time.

  3. The thumbprints were plain old craft paint. The black outlines and letters were done with a black paint pen. If by permanent marker you mean Sharpie, I’d avoid that. Sharpies can get that ugly yellow ring around them. They don’t react well with certain paints and varnishes.

    I’ve never used outdoor spray paints so I can’t say how effective they are. You have to make sure all of your layers are compatible and will stick to each other. Since cost wise, I knew I needed to use craft paint to get the variety of colors I wanted, I stuck with what I knew would be compatible based on what others had done before me. Also, spray paints weren’t an option for the base color since I wanted a mottled look with two different colors of blue (which has the added bonus of hiding a world of flaws). And, because I used craft paint (which can be rather transparent in some colors) for the thumbprints, the thumbprints were done directly on the white base coat to give them their truest color. Then I painted around them with the blues.

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