Shrinky Dink Rings

I discovered these little gems through my own trolling of the interwebs and knew I had to make some of my own. I stamped onto shrink plastic—I used Shrinky Dink Ruff-N-Ready. Then colored with Sharpies and colored pencils. Popped them in the oven and when they were all soft, wrapped them around something round. When I was satisfied with the shape, I coated the inside with Future Floor Wax, but you can use whatever sealant you want. I keep my Future in an aquapen for easy application and it just happened to still have a bit of gold PearlEx on the brush so that’s how the one on the left got the gold sheen. You should probably do multiple coats of sealant to protect your design. Watch out when washing your hands or using hand cleaner—both have left me with a Sharpie ring on my finger. The good news is that you just need a little more hand cleaner to rub the color right off your skin.

Here is the tutorial from PlanetJune I used to make my Shrinky Dink rings. Just a quick note about the instructions. It took me forever to figure out what size of material I needed to get mine the right size. I suggest making a Shrinky Dink ruler guide. Cut a strip of the plastic, mark every 1/4″, and pop in the oven. Be sure to cut strips from both sides—the long side and the short side because they don’t shrink proportionally. Wrap a strip of paper around your finger to get your ring size. Then measure against your ruler. You should be able to determine how big your strip needs to be before shrinking.

Another note: the tutorial says to wait a couple of seconds after they come out of the oven so you don’t burn yourself. I found if I waited, they cooled before I could wrap them into a circle. So I dealt with the tiny blisters on my fingers and wrapped them as soon as I could. I had way less than 10 seconds to get them molded.

And remember, these are slightly fragile. The swirly one in the center is my second one and my Tinkerbell ring has a crack in it. Both were victims of too much fiddling while wearing them.