Star Card

We had another birthday and with it, another gift card to be properly presented. This time I didn’t totally laze out and did a tiny bit of inking on the white star…not much, because I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to play around too much. I just needed the star to show up against the inside of the white card.

Star Card outsideStar Card insideStar Card inside with gift cardI really think it turned out cute.

Sunshine Gift Card Holder

So, my son was invited to a birthday party and I, being the quintessential procrastinator, bought a gift card the day before, but I didn’t have a card or gift card holder. Time to pull out some scrapbook paper. I thought, “hmmm…maybe I’ll try some of those cool card techniques I keep pinning on Pinterest.” I wanted to do some nice inking around the edges, but I’m kinda lazy (and since it was for an 8-year-old I didn’t want to spend any more time than necessary). So here’s what she got:

Cute striped paper. I cut out the sun with my handy-dandy exacto (yes, a lot of work for the lazy crafter) and raised it with foam tape.

The inside features a sun pocket to hold the gift card. I wanted to do more to the inside and the outside, but yeah, I’m lazy.