Butterfly Magnets


Here’s a project that consumed my life a number of years ago…these super cute butterfly magnets. The wings are made from polymer clay canes. Not the complicated kinds with lots of reducing. These are the super easy twist kinds. Roll three or four colors into snakes and twist them together. Fold in half, twist again. Fold in half, twist again. Lather, rinse, repeat…but stop before all of your colors are blended into one color. Roll into a nice log and slice. Each slice will be different. If you take the back of one slice and the front of the next slice, you get mirror images like the sets of wings on my butterflies.

I absolutely love the way this orange one turned out.

This purple one is my favorite. I spent hours blending the perfect purple and working on a cane. Then I realized the twisty cane method gets you similar results at a fraction of the time...

Pretty in pink. It matched the beads perfectly.

This one was made from a botched project that I smooshed into a cane.

Same botched cane, this one is dusted in PearlEx and has gold-toned antennae.